Unable to find drivers for gigabyte Motherboard for windows 8 pro


I have Gigabyte GA 890 GPA UD3H Mother board and i have installed windows 8 pro 32 bit on my system however i am unable to find any drivers for my motherboard from GiGABYTES official website http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3516 as my factory setting motherboard is showing REV.00 when tested with CPUID CPU-Z but there are only drivers Starting from REV 1.0 to REV 3.1,

now my question :-

1) will it be a problem if i install any one of the REVs drivers from the website
2) There is only chipset driver , Lan Driver and Raid Driver in the official website and no Audio driver for windows 8
3) However audio driver is installed by default after installation but i am looking for some HD audio drivers from Realtek etc. where can i get it for windows 8 32bit

Tahnks in Advance a quickie is much appritiated...

My full System Spec are as follows

Gigabyte GA 890GPA UD3H Mobo
AMD Phenom 2 X4 965 quad core
Radeon HD 6870
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  1. Tradesman1 said:

    Thanks Tradesman1 but no luck :(
  2. Try those drivers, CPU-Z can't always read things correctly, don't remember a rev 0 mobo from anybody off hand
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