pc cabinet under $132.566

hey guys
i live in India and i want a cabinet under $132.566 with a attractive cool look and some nice lights pls help me
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  1. These are some of the best options,




    I personally use the HAF 912 Combat with side panel, and have purchased 4 LED Fans to add to it, the 2 Fans that came with it are non-LED.
    Thus I have the 2 non LED fans in the front, 2 Red LED fans on the top, one Red LED on the rear and one Blue LED on the side.
    It gives a superb airflow and keeps the dust out in a negative airflow setup.
    That should cost you around Rs. 5500ish.

    Hope I helped.
    I can give a better answer if you tell me which ciity you live in or from which site you will be purchasing from.
  2. I live in Delhi pls give me more suggestions
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