You Can Now Link Your Steam and Twitch Accounts

Steam and have a new partnership. Currently, it only benefits Dota 2 fans, but Valve promises that there's more to come.

You Can Now Link Your Steam and Twitch Accounts : Read more
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  1. Oh can you now? At what point does something stop being news? As in this was announced since 10 days ago?
  2. Compared to the roumors we get here and undercover ads, this actually is news :D.
    Thou im starting to think this whole streaming thing is loosing some proportions.
    There seems to be too much streaming nowdays. Even big tournaments dont feel big anymore.
  3. Keep this up amyfoster and eventually you will piss off someone enought to hack your webpage, then your PC, then your bank account and leave you with a debt of god knows how much.
  4. Maybe make this safer and support TF2 and I'm so in.
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