looking for affordable 24" 16:10 monitor

With the new computer parts on their way, I'm looking into a set of 3, of 16:10 displays.

I will not be using all 3 for gaming for now but I don't want to re-buy monitors when I decide to.

My criteria is as follows and came down to two choices.
1. HDMI or DVI or Displayport (that's what my card has. 2 of DVI so total of 4)
2. No ghosting
3. IPS preferred (but no bleeding of backlight. that's annoying)

A little expensive Dell U2412M This model has lots of positive reviews.
link : http://www.dell.com/ed/business/p/dell-u2412m/pd

A little less, LG 24EB23PY-B I couldn't find much info of this display, but having played PS3 on a old (not LEDbacklit) LCD LG tv, I have some faith in the brand.
link : http://www.lg.com/us/commercial/lcd-computer-monitors/lg-24EB23PY-B

so,, what's your take, forum? LG or Dell?
I would like your reviews but also appreciate guesses from spec sheet or other details I don't know about.
Also, if there's a display I haven't seen but you like, please let me know. I might go 16:9 but with my current 16:9 24", I do feel the limitation of "short" display when reading, which I'll be doing a lot in school.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The Dell is a strong choice of those two. For the fastest response IPS/PLS panels though, you want a top-notch RTC overdrive. For that ASUS is your best bet (ML239H, MX239H, PA238Q, PB238Q, VG23AH... all 23" 16:9 but hugely recommend them).
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