How do i know what GPU can my motherboard use

Hi guys, i have an old desktop computer on which i used before for online games, i would like to know if i could replace my nvidia 9500GT on it with some of the newer cards like the GTX550 or even the 600 series or radeon counterpart..

the model of my motherboard is EMX-MCP61S-AVL

i have visited this thread but doesn't really answer my question so i created the topic, budget is not that much of an issue since i am pretty sure compatible cards have dropped prices by now.

my computer specs are yes that board
GPU 9500 GT
CPU AMD athlon x2

i am pretty newb so please be gentle :D
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  1. It has a PCI-E x8 slot, which means it can run almost all PCI-E graphics cards. (2.0 and NOT 2.1). But it can't handle all the bandwidth of a x16 slot.

    So you can look for any GPU with PCI-E 2.0 version. BTW can we get some info about your PSU. That can cause you problem.

    I would like suggest you don't waste your money on that system, buy a new PC.
  2. sorry for the late reply, i will take your advice and buy a new PC :D working on old hardware put up so much compatibility and limitation issues that it isnt worth it. thank you so much!
  3. Anytime my friend. I wish you good luck for the new PC.
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