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Graphics Card: Gigabyte 7970 3GB
Monitor: Dell S2340M 23 inch LED IPS widescreen monitor.
Connection Type: DVI-I to DVI-D - Does not have HDMI

Problem: Selecting monitor's native resolution of 1920x1080p causes monitor to go black and enter sleep mode. Monitor will only give a display in low resolutions such as 1024x768.

Native resolution shows up in Windows and CCC but doesn't work when selected.

Solutions Tried: Install monitor driver from CD, Dell website.
Uninstall old Catalyst Control Center graphics card driver and re-install new driver.

Problem still persists.
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  1. Best answer
    You are using the wrong cable.
    The cable you are using is analog to digital, and why you are stuck on a max resolution of 1024x768.

    You need to buy a DVI-D to DVI-D single link cable.
    You will then get 1080p resolution
  2. ^ Pretty much.
    Use a Dual-Link to Dual-Link DVI cable, in your current setup your getting the same analog signal that would be present in a VGA cable.
  3. Monitor is DVI-D, graphics card is DVI-I. Both dual link. Cord I'm using is a 15ft. Dual link DVI-D (without the four analog pins because monitor doesn't have the four analog pin holes). Could that be the reason?

    Purchased two more DVI-D cables. One dual link and one single. Receiving them in two days. I am also borrowing another from a friend at work. I will reply back and select a best answer in two days. Please keep the suggestions coming.
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