GTX 780 Dual Monitor?

Can't find a specific answer for this question through google.

Can the GTX 780 run 2x BenQ XL2720T 120Hz 27.0" Monitors?

If it can will the performance be slower when gaming on one monitor?
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    Yes it can but why in the world would you want to game on two monitors with a bezel right in the middle of the screen?

    Hi BigMack70,

    I'm not planning to play on dual monitor as I would see the middle of the screen would be an issue. I'm building on a gaming and an editing machine, one screen is for my CS6 video projects and the other screen is for entertainment.

    The only thing I'm worried is that it might slow down IF I would render videos at the same time play semi-heavy graphical games.... Any thoughts on that?
  2. BigMack70 said:
    I'm not sure. Just having the second screen won't affect gaming performance in any noticeable way, but if you're doing something computationally intensive in the background either on the CPU or GPU, performance in demanding games will suffer accordingly.

    OK thanks for your input! I just mainly needed to know if the 780 could run the dual BenQ monitor. I'll keep in mind to not game during rendering processes.
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