Help with 4 displays on Radeon HD 7770

I'm setting up a multi monitor setup for a church sanctuary and need some help with this. The PC is a Dell XPS 8300 which has an HD 7770 in it. Currently the card is outputting to 3 displays: the control monitor in the tech booth, the display for the congregation, and a third display for the band/pastors. The software being used is ProPresenter 5.

The setup works great. However, what would make it better is to be able to add a fourth display in the control booth off the same card. I need to be able to have a dual desktop display in the booth while leaving those other two outputs set up the way they are.

The card has 2 dvi, 1 hdmi, and 1 display port. The display port is being coverted to VGA for the projection. The HDMI is running the stage display, and the DVI is running the booth monitor. The fourth display only has VGA and DVI

Here is what I think my options are:

1) Run the second, unused DVI port, convert to VGA, to hook up the fourth display (I can't seem to get this to work)

2) split the dvi to two VGA connections

3) split the Display port to 2 VGA

4) Split DVI to two DVI

5) Split Display port to 2 DVI (and change one of the DVI to VGA)

Might be confusing laying it out like that.

What is the cheapest option to add the fourth display? I know I'll end up using Eyefinity. Thanks for the help
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  1. use a hdmi splitter like this if you just want two of the displays showing the same thing.
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    You can get 2 monitors to display the same image with a splitter.

    You can't get those two monitors to work in an Eyefinity or even extended setup with a splitter.

    You could use a solution similar to Matrox's DualHeadToGo or TripleHeadToGo, though they can be a little expensive. A Sapphire Flex Edition 7770 would allow for both DVI ports, the HDMI port, and the displayport to work all at once. Other than that, you could buy a card with 2 mini displayports for a total of 4 connections.

    Unless you know the right people and can light a fire under them to get the displayport MST hubs released finally.
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