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I am building a PC and the processor I chose was a AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor, is there a intel i5 or i7 quad core that would give me the same performance but for around the same price? the amount the processor was is about $120
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  1. i3 competes with the fx6300 in that price bracket. Lower i5 will get in around 150 or so.
  2. Look for dat price point your pic is d best as i3 is outperformed by fx 6300 but i5 is better than 6300 but i5 would cost u more than 160 usd so if u can spent some xtra cash den get i5
    But i m sure for dat price point fx 6300 would not dissapoint u.

    So if dats ur bugdet den go ahead n get the amd
  3. One more point a fx6300 processor is much easily overclockable tha lower i5s
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