games kinda stutter and are not fluid, but have high fps

so this is weird like my games stutters and its not fluid. i don't get it, dosent make sense its not my CPU or my graphics card i just got those replaced. i recently bought a new power supply this year also. its a corsair cx 600

thats my ram settings is that right?
could my i have a defective motherboard or power supply?

i did put alot of pressure on my motherboard trying to connect the 24 pin connecter it did bend

sometimes my programs load slow too, dunno why

gtx 560 ti
fx 8350
cx 600
asrock extreme 3
heres my hardrive
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  1. i ran hd tune and everything was fine. no errors i also ran memtest and no problems there too. is there a way i can test my motherboard?
  2. All games?

    What games you play?

    Could be a software issue rather than hardware.
  3. alot of mmo games. even when starting up my computer it starts up really slow but in the past it used to start up instantly. sometimes when i load a program or something my computer will freeze for a second i dunno
  4. sounds like it could be a software problem, whats running in the background?
  5. Having exactly the same problem! Did you ever fix it?
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