high fps but micro stuttering in games

so this is weird like my games stutters and its not fluid. i don't get it, dosent make sense its not my CPU or my graphics card i just got those replaced. i recently bought a new power supply this year also. its a corsair cx 600

is my ram timing wrong?

could my i have a defective motherboard or hard drive?

i did put alot of pressure on my motherboard trying to connect the 24 pin connecter. it did bend

sometimes my programs load slow too, dunno why

gtx 560 ti
fx 8350
cx 600
asrock extreme 3
heres my hardrive

im really feel like somthing is wrong with either my hard drive or my motherboard but im not sure which one and its driving me crazy.
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  1. Have you tried limiting your frame rate in game or turning off v-sync?
  2. yeah still get stuttering
  3. can hard drives cause micro stuttering in games?
  4. immafrog1337 said:
    yeah still get stuttering

    Have you tried different drivers? Are you sure it isn't just the fps dropping normally and going back up? Also, what games are you playing that it is happening in?
  5. immafrog1337 said:
    can hard drives cause micro stuttering in games?

    I have never heard of it and don't think it would cause it but it is a possibility.
  6. what does cashe mean in hardrives and does that matter?
  7. immafrog1337 said:
    what does cashe mean in hardrives and does that matter?

    The cache helps read/write times but isn't a big deal really. Also, (not to be rude) could you answer my other question? (2 back)
  8. yeah i tried different drivers.
  9. umm i get stuttering in games like mmos skyrim farcry 3
  10. How full is your hdd?
    When was the last time you ran defrag?
  11. Can I ask, did you ever fix this? Because I have the exact same problem!
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