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Do i need Dolby headphones to play videos with 5.1 channel audio properly?

Last response: in Components
July 10, 2013 12:16:22 PM

I use stereo headphones, and almost all HD movies seem to have low volume on my PC at max volume settings.. Actually even not-bluray movies with 2 channels audio are kinda low too but still A LOT better then the 5.1 channel videos, So what exactly is the problem? Do i need a Dolby headphones?
August 8, 2013 2:59:13 AM

Probably just soft headphones. Here is how to boost it:
1. Open control panel.
2. Make sure it is not in category view.
3. Click on sound.
4. Select your sound device and click properties.
5. Click on enhancements.
6. Tick loudness equalization.

If it is still too soft, try these other things:

Click on equalizer and make a custom preset with all of the sliders dragged up to the max and save it as loud and enable it.
Download Videolan's VLC. It is a free media player that allows you to increase the volume by 2x.

Hope this helps!