What do you guys think about this budget-gaming build?

EDITED: 2013.07.12:-Now,I decided to stick with only one build,instead of two,and also,I swapped out the motherboard to a better one.

So,I am on a budget,and I decided to save up money for a nice little gaming rig.I
would play games,like Battlefield 3,and Skyrim on high settings in 1280x1024 res.Yes,you read that right:D Don't worry,I will upgrade the monitor too,if I'll have the money.

I leave the link of the build down below.Also,I thought,I'd mention,that I give kudos for kristisdbs,because he helped me finding a pretty good chassis.

Build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1fOjC

Note on the build: -I will add another 4GB RAM in the future,if I'll have the budget,so this is why I stick with the 1x4,and not the 2x2.

So in conclusion: What do you guys think about this budget build ?
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  1. Ypu wouldnt use a Z77 motherboard with a locked multiplier processor

    You wouldnt use a B75 motherboard if you want future expansion

    Maybe that buid with an H77 motherboard .

    But if gaming is your aim you are spending too much on the processor and not enough on the graphics card
    AMD FX 6300
    Asrock 970 extreme3
    2 x4 gig of RAM
    Radeon 7870
    Corsair 200R case

    games way better , costs the same
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