First Low Budget Gaming/Streaming Computer Build Help?

Alright, first time using this forum so if this is in the wrong area please let me know. Now, down to business.
I'm looking to build a computer that would be able to game and stream well. I'd be streaming things such as Starcraft II, Diablo III, various MMOs, as well as FPS/action games such as Skyrim, Dark Souls, and the like. Not only do I want to run the games on at least mid-high settings, I would like to stream well. I know nothing about what it takes to stream, computer hardware, and why certain components are better than others.
I would appreciate ANY help at the moment. My budget as of this moment is $600, but if it's more than that that's perfectly fine. However, if you could explain why you chose the components you did, that would be wonderful.:3
And yes, I know I'm such a noob. If any of you would like to help, it would greatly appreciated.(:
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  1. Humm, let me get some info, are you set on getting an intel system or an amd system? Intel is better for gaming, but on a $600 budget, I would suggest budget friendly amd.

    It all depends, getting a intel system will probably push the cost to about $650 at least.

    Does the price include an OS and/or hard drive, or do you already own one?
  2. and as far as I know, a streaming / browsing games are not too demanded on specs, especially on graphics. Its more on your internet connection speed and CPU, and I think most MMO games are not as high-spec as a single games (some did thou).

    and as bob1033 said, INTEL are more friendly on gaming but also more expensive. So it all depends on your budget and what you already had.
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