Crc Error When Installing Games On Windows 7

I know that there is alot of these questions asked on this forum and mine is weird but still a crc error of sorts. When I try to install games from either iso or bin files I always get a crc error. Now this issue is both from downloading the iso or bin or from transferring the iso or bin from my external drive. The funny part is I can install some games but a lot of them error out. I know many people suggest its a hard drive issue but I have checked my hard drive as well as my external hard drive and both came back to having no problems at all. I have even did a ram check and no errors on ram. I have noticed that even freearc has a issue trying to extract a bin file. If the file is big it basically stops responding and closes. I am running windows 7 32bit. Does any one have any ideas as to why this is happening?
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  1. Again check your RAM sticks. If you have more than one stick than check with separate sticks with this:
  2. lonewolf7 said:
    Again check your RAM sticks. If you have more than one stick than check with separate sticks with this:

    I checked my ram more then once in the last 2 weeks and the ram is good. Used memtest on both sticks separate that is why I am so confused at this issue. My ram is good my hard drive is good and to be honest there is no real reason why I get crc errors on install but I do. Is there anything else that can cause this or trigger it
  3. Ok, I had this issue 5 years back. Noting was working, I can't even extract RAR files with WinRAR. Downloading alright but when saving it fails. I was pulling my hair to solve the issue, the HDD and RAM was good, and other components too, so what's happening ? What I did I replaced the RAM sticks and problem solved. So try to borrow/lend RAM stick from family/friend/work and try to be sure. If that is the problem replace the RAM sticks and have peace of mind. Also try to find which stick is faulty. Good luck.
  4. I've seen this once a while ago and it turned out to be a mis-reading dvd drive.
  5. I am curious could the issue be a bad usb port? I do transfer files from external usb drive to my hard drive? I can try and see if I can borrow ram but I just dont think its a ram issue. I have did some research on bad ram in the past and as many people stated if you have bad ram the chances of installing windows is worse. Everything is sent to ram then read from it and used. Is this true because I had no problems what so ever installing xp and even installing windows 7 32bit. No errors no failures no nothing. Both of the operating systems installed perfectly. If this issue I am having is a ram problem then wouldnt windows of had some issue while installing?
  6. Try using hte usb port on the rear backplane of the computer, one of the ones that are right on the motherbd, not in a slot.
  7. Where are these games from?
  8. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Where are these games from?

    Some of the games was from cds. I copied the disc to them and created iso files and stored them on my usb external drive. There are many reasons why I did that but still yet they did install once before. I did finally get the game I had most issues with to install. Not sure if I fixed the issue. I did check my ram again and the ram is good. I turned off the uac on windows 7 disabled my anti virus fully. It installed.
  9. I did a bit of research over this error and I do believe I managed to figure out the cause of the errors. I downloaded a iso that was zipped up in multi files and got the hash. I extracted the iso using winrar and found out the hash was different then that of the hash in the archive file it self. I tried to install it anyways and got a error on installation. I then took the same archive files and extracted the iso a second time using 7zip and found out that its hash was the same hash of the archived iso. I tried to install it and it worked with no problems. I am lead to believe that the errors and issues has nothing to do with bad ram. I believe that when extracting the iso file using winrar it gets corrupted or the hash is written different. Now if anyone else has another theory or suggestion about this please let me know. Btw no I did not redownload the rar files. I just extracted the iso file using different program.
  10. The ISO shouldn't be zipped , where did you download it from.
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