Going to be building my own gaming PC

Ok guys I am new here and it has been quite some time since I've had to buy a computer. My computer is now 6 years old and newer games will not play on it. and I've decided to build a new one.

First of all I have some questions... considering a budget of around $1100 tops and I am wanting this as a personal PC/gaming PC
1. Wanting to get an i7 ... Should I go with 3770k or 4770k?
2. Motherboard... Assuming I am not going to overclock should I still go for an ASUS z87 Pro Model or would a lesser model work fine?
3. I know the GPU is going to cost around the same as the processor if not more... any suggestions and still being able to hold my budget?
4. Does anyone have a suggestion of where to get the best deals on the components? Besides the obvious Newegg, TigerDirect, Amazon?

I think I can figure out the ram/storage/power supply just wanting suggestions on the above...

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  1. Hey
    do you need os too..?
  2. I was thinking of going with windows 8. My current pc runs windows 7 fine. But again it is over 6 years old now. I just say a benchmark of a few games and it seems that windows 8 seems more stable.
  3. Electrorazr said:
    I was thinking of going with windows 8. My current pc runs windows 7 fine. But again it is over 6 years old now. I just say a benchmark of a few games and it seems that windows 8 seems more stable.

    For games windows 7 is best. Windows 8 is good only for applications but not for gaming. Stay with windows 7 according to my personal advice.
    I hope it helps.
    Thank you.
  4. Hey
    you can go with
    cpu- i5-4670k
    mobo- Gigabyte z87x d3h
    cpu cooler- corsair h60 liquid cooling if plan to oc but if not then hyper 212 evo is enough.
    Gpu- Gigabyte gtx 770
    case- you can choose any ATX case as your choice and ur budget.
    Ram- Corsair vengeance ddr3 2X4gb 1600mhz is enough.
    Psu- sesonic I12II 620w psu is enough for single gpu.
    OS- Windows 7 64bit is best for gaming.
    i am sorry my friend.
    Actually my internet connection is not working properly thats reason i cant give you list in pc partpicker.
    I hope it helps.
    Thank you.
    Edit- sorry o forget to add stotage
    SSD- Samsung 840 pro 128 gb is best than any other.
    HDD- segate braccuda 1tb is enough for any other storage.
    Thank you.
  5. I was thinking more like this...
    AsRock Z87 Extreme 6 Mother Board
    i7 4770k CPU
    I can buy the two in a combo for $429.98
    Corsair Vengeance Ram 8gb for $59.99
    1TB Seagate Hybrid Drive SSD/HDD $99.99
    Rosewill Patriot Gaming Case $49.99
    Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 80 Plus PSU 800W for $99.99
    Saphire 7870 AMD Radeon Graphics $169.99

    Throw in a 27" monitor, keyboard, mouse, and OS then it seems like I should be good to go???

    Any words of wisdom?
  6. Hey
    1. there os no profit of i7 for gaming rig. Its just waste of money. You will never see any much difference between i7 & i5 in gaming.
    2. I never reccomend Asrock mobo. It is just cheaper and some more features but it dont have long life. Its my personal experiance ASRock mobos are just bulshit mobo.
    3. Get a better gpu. If you plan one more gpu in future than dont go with amd. Bcs in cfx many problem comes. So get a nvidia like gtx 760 or gtx 770. Both cards are solid and great.
    4. Get a ssd if you can manage ur budget least 120gb from samsung 840 pro series's. You will see much increasement in performance.
    5. Dont go with CM psu. It is not a good psu maker brand. Go with Corsair Hx or sesoni or xfx Psus. They have best quality, stability and reliability. One thing more 750w is enough if you choose gtx 770 for sli and for gtx 760 650w is enough.
    6. You can choose monitor as you wish but i recommend Asus.
    Ihope it helps.
    Thank you.
  7. If I purchase the i7 and Asrock Extreme 6 together I get $100 off. So I get the i7 for the same price as the i5
  8. Hey if you buying cumbo from newegg then go with gigabyte mobo.
    I alrady said i.never recommend asrock mobo. But many people recommends it. But it dont have long life my friend.
    Otherwise its your choice.
    Thank you.
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