StarCraft 2 Accounts Get Free Name Change

Blizzard is offering one free name change to all StarCraft 2 players.

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  1. It's such a backwards world we live in when a free name change in a video game can be considered a bargain.
  2. ...or news!
  3. opmopadop said:
    ...or news!

    Or were but-heads like brandonl2davis think it is OK to spam a tech forum with crap!

    What I find crazy is that they charge for a name change.
  4. i think its a bit of a double edge, because if you give people the ability to change names at will(unrestricted) you could probably imagine some havoc that could ensue. at the same time charging for it's just a money making scheme, not really a surprise coming from the people that brought you WOW and the 3 part SC2 games. if people got upset enough about it im sure they would just allocate you so many name changes annually,(maybe this is what they are doing?) but most people probably just dont care.(including myself) i dont really see a problem with this aspect of their business.(atleast while they are gifting namechanges every so often)

    and to respond to bryon, its clear why people bot spam sites. they do it because they have an incentive to, incentives>>human decency/respect. if you live in the USA(or maybe anywhere?) you should know all about this, if everyone follows that protocol i would argue it is "ok".
  5. Moral of the story: Don't pick retarded names for yourself

    OT: This has been a 3rd free name change in 3 years of SC2, if I haven't missed any.
  6. One of those folks that didn't buy Heart of the Swarm, because I didn't feel like it was worth it.
  7. All I want is the ability to add numbers to my username. Is that too much to ask?
  8. Finally I get to be cool! "||||||||||||||||||||||" here I come!!
  9. Too little, too late
    Over the years I have bought Warcraft 2 and 3 with expansions, Diablo 2 and 3 with expansions and Starctaft 1 and expansion and palyed WoW for about 6 months, but since Blizzard started to pay more attention to the cashflow rather than what products their customers have to put up with they're not getting a penny more from me.
  10. Well blizzard has dissapointed me so many times in the last years, that i have ignored their products since the Wings of Liberty.
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