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Hi, my current laptop is about to die and I am buying a new one soon. My budget is very low, under $600. I need help choosing between Computer 1,Computer 2, and Computer 3

I will use this laptop for:
1. Heavy Word and Excel work at my actual job.
2. Streaming, downloading, and playing videos of all types of quality on the laptop itself.
3. Streaming videos on my laptop through my PS3 to play on my HDTV at home.
4. Some gaming at work when I have nothing to do. It won't ever be FPS's on Ultra settings. More likely it would be things like Prison Architect, 4X strategy games, and indie games like Hotline Miami and FTL. I have dreams of using this thing to play Dota 2 when the wife is on a business trip but won't be crushed if it doesn't.

If you have any recommendations, advice, suggestions, questions, please post them below. I am a mostly literate computer user so I should be able to give you any further information you need. I appreciate any help you can give me.

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  1. Computer 1 or 3. I would take computer 3 simply because I don't like Acer but both are almost identical spec-wise so pick whichever, 1 is cheaper by a little while 3 has an extra GB of graphics memory. I wouldn't go for the i5 because you won't notice a difference for your workload, but it has inferior graphics which you may notice. Go for either A8 computer and you'll be good. Dota will be playable!
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