tressfx problem in tomb raider with 7850 and amd fx 6300

my rig

amd fx 6300 at 4.5ghz
8gb ddr3 ram
amd radeon 7850 1gb

when i play on ultimate settings its around 30 fps which im fine, but everytime i aim the bow or gun or whenever the camera gets close to lauras hair, my fps drops massively to 16-21. this is only when aiming. without tressfx its perferct though i play at 1080p. could this be a sign of vram running out? it doesnt happen at 1600x900 (720p) just at 1920x1080
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  1. 1GB is a little low for something with as much power as a 7850. I believe you can use MSI Afterburner to do in game monitoring of your vram usage. From your tests, that'd be my guess too.
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