Need some confirmation on my steps to overclock please?

So I am going to get a Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler soon for my AMD FX-8120 CPU and I plan to get around 4.5GHz with it.

But first I want to list the steps in how I am going to do it and need you guys to confirm for me if I am doing it the right way because I do not have experience overclocking and I don't wanna damage my CPU in doing so.

Here goes :

1. Turn off CoolnQuiet and turn off AMD Turbo Core
2. Increase multiplier and try to keep voltage low as possible (possibly auto?)
3. After everything seems stable turn CoolnQuiet back on and leave Turbo Core off still

Is this correct? Should I switch CoolnQuiet back on once it is stable because I don't want my CPU running at 4.5GHz all the time.

And also what are good stress test programs that I can use to make sure my CPU would be stable?

Intel Burn Test, or Prime95 right?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. I'd do the cpu/nb and ht link 1st..
    Pretty sure you can set both to 2400 and call it good.
    Set voltage to offset.AUTO will sometimes supply too much voltage
    I'd just do 3 runs of IBT ..if it passes will most likely never crash on you.
    It wouldn't hurt to re-enable C&Q after you have your OC dialed in.
    Sounds like a solid plan :)
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