update to catalyst drivers results in "not supported" error on lcd tv

I have just updated my graphics drivers to the latest catalyst drivers on my Pc and got thrown the dreaded "Not supported" error on my lcd tv.

My hardware is as follows:

* amd a10-6800k with hd8670d
* asrock fm2a85x extreme 4-m using on board hdmi
* awa lc-16g78 lcd tv with a native resolution of 1366 x 768
* windows 7 ultimate w/ latest catalyst drivers

the system was displaying just fine, but in order to get the video output from my kinect going, it was advised to update the opengl drivers via the catalyst drivers. i did so and the result is no display after the "starting windows" screen with the animated logo.

before i shut the system down, i did manage to get a totally black screen after booting to safe mode. i don't know if i can adjust the catalyst settings from safe mode due to it not loading anything but basic drivers.

just as a point of interest, i was getting the "not supported" error with fedora and ubuntu linux, but no one on their respective forums have answered what i would need to do to even get a text mode install to display so i can interrogate the edids and ddc settings...

i would've used proper punctuation but editing text is surprisingly hard on an android phone... perhaps the edit interface can be adjusted from "infuriating" to a more normal interface that doesn't reposition the cursor at random and overwrite already written text...
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  1. You should still be able to access AMD Vision Control Center from Safe Mode and adjust your graphic resolution accordingly.

    -Wolf sends
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