2 hard drives, 2 OS,and need video card help

so heres what i want.......... i got my old comp that broke down very badly and well i dont want to fix it cuz its old so i bought THIS computer which is windows xp and ONLY 60gb so i remembered that you can put 2 hard drives in one computer so i wanted to put my old hard drive which has all my files,games,music,videos.etc. and IS WINDOWS 7 and IS 1TeraByte of space into this more crappy computer so i wont need to download all of my important files again which is very hard to find and is like over 100GB and also i am experiencing gaming problems........my old comp HAD NO GRAPHIC CARD AT ALL and only used an onboard intel card called intel g33/g31 and i could play ALOT of games without lag and WITH NO SCREEN TEARING OR BLACK SCREENS OR PINK SCREENS(i played cabal,MU online,Dragon nest,Aion,Vindictus,city of steam,moonlight online,etc. .....never..so this new computer has an integrated radeon 9250 and i was so happy and then i tried to play a facebook 3d game called Moonlight online it finished downloading and then........it couldn't load any character models and didnt display any words or letters at all it only loaded they're shoulder pads and weapons which scared me because i really love dragon nest and there might be a chance i can never play it anymore and NO im not buying any graphics card BUT i will accept any answers and help :3 please help me ASAP( I AM NOT PLANNING ON 2 HARD DRIVES ONLY ONE.........I WANT TO REPLACE THIS HARD DRIVE WITH MY OLD ONE THAT IS WINDOWS 7)
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  1. About gaming, your GPU is not powerful enough to handle 3D games. http://www.gpureview.com/Radeon-9250-AGP-card-303.html

    About replacing HDD, copy your valuable files from the old HDD and put in your new HDD. OS is not transferable. To you have to install OS on new HDD. That's it.
  2. lone wolf both HDD already have OS the hard drive with winxp is the one i want to replace with my old hard drive from my old computer that is Windows 7 which has all my important files............I dont need the windowsxp one...ill just hide it somewhere im not planning on two hard drives.....ONLY ONE and its my old win7 hard drive that id like to use to replace the windows xp hard drive and about my GPU all i want to play is Dragon Nest so..........maybe on lowest settings? can i atleast play it? i have 2gb ram intel core i3 and this crappy radeon 9250.......LOL
  3. Look here if your system can run it : http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest

    If I understood you correctly than you want to keep the WIN 7 one and the files from it and not the XP one right ?

    1. Boot the computer with the WIN 7 drive in it and repair-install the OS. Now you are able to use the WIN 7 OS.

    2. If you got the files in your system partition which is generally C: drive, than you fear that the files will be gone. Than do one thing try to backup the C: drive prior repair-install of OS.

    3. Either you can use the XP drive or a new drive to back up the data. (External HDD/Pen drive).

    4. If you want to back up the data on the XP drive, than boot with it, make the WIN 7 drive the secondary drive, pull the data out and put that into XP drive. Now that your data are secure repair-install the WIN 7 drive to make it work in the new computer.

    5. If you want a new HDD to backup your data, than boot with the XP drive, make the new HDD as well as WIN 7 HDD your secondary drive. Pull the data out and put it into the new HDD. Than repair-install the WIN 7 and put the data back.

    6. Just keep in mind OS is not transferable, and also you cannot use it to a second computer as a boot drive, cause the MB's drivers and controllers will not match. Am I clear to you. Good luck.
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