Install Windows 7 on Separate Partition?

Hi all,

I will be building my first PC tonight (yay!). I have a question regarding installation of Windows 7.

Would it be beneficial to install Windows 7 on a separate partition? I.e: Partition A is for Windows OS, partition B is for downloads, 3rd party programs etc.

Back when I first set up my laptop (after purchasing), I made a small, second partition, dubbed 'Download Dummy', for file downloads from lesser reputable or unknown sources. The idea was that if one file would contain a virus, it would not mix with my other stuff on the main partition (ideally).

I have a 1TB HD. What are your thoughts and setups for partitions? A small partition for OS & drivers only, everything else on a data partition? Leave as I have, a main partition and a second for downloads, or no partitions at all (which is probably fastest & most efficient)

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  1. since this is your first pc , go ahead and buy SSD drive and make it your System drive . depending on your budget , 128G Samsung 840 Pro is your best choice. or get 64G SSD OCZ Vertex 3 if you cant pay for 128G. and keep that 1TB for data.
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