Cpu whistling noise

So 10 days ago i got my new pc, works really well tho yday i heard some whistling / scratching sound from cpu lasted 2-3 secs then disappeared went to sleep after that now today i get that noise every 5-10 minutes for 2-3 secs then it disappears like clockwork, no change in performance i was playing a game and it kept on happening for few seconds but i didn't have any problem only difference i noticed is that cpu usage at idle state went from 1% to 15% during that time, i opened my case and i pinpointed location to cpu i don't know why this is happening im pretty sure it's the fan but idk why every 5-10 mins why not all the time if something is in it's way please help me out if u can i have warranty but i just got my new pc i don't want to take it away for 2 weeks again here are my specs. Also the weirdest thing is i can hear the scratching no only in the cpu but i can also hear it on the speakers i thought at first that my speakers have gone bad... :(

7850 1gb
h61 mb
4gb 1333 ram
650w lc power
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  1. If at cpu, it's prob the fan or maybe coil on the mobo, I'd guess fan or maybe PSU if up on top
  2. psu is down and there is nothing wrong with it it's cold and i really can hear it from cooler or the cpu itself im really worried that this might turn into something bigger u know this doesn't affect my pc at all for now but idk what will happen 5 days from now :/
  3. Strange, sounds like coil whine, but.........
  4. Low end H61 mobo. Probably a bad coil
  5. im sorry, could u explain what is a ''bad coil'' and a ''coil'' itself. and possibly how to fix it without replacing any of the components :/
    also i checked some noises from coil whine and it's the closest i can describe to the noise my pc is making. Is coil whine dangerous to pc and will it affect my performance and why does my cpu usage jump by a bit when coil whine happens

    Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISIRKFETxZA this is the exact sound my pc makes sometime and from what i hear i guess it's gpu after all i was wrong probably about cpu so please tell me is this dangerous?
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