Local Smartphone Vendors Outperforming Foreign Companies in the Indian Market

According to data compiled by the IDC, foreign vendors have been outperformed by local companies in the rapidly expanding Indian smartphone market.

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  1. There is no subsidy offered by network operators for high end phones like iPhones, etc. The consumer has to pay full price (nealy $1200 for latest iphone) even if it comes bundled with some data plan.
    Moreover the data plan limitations and poor speeds make these high end stand at par with their local cheaper counterparts. (Broadband == 256kbps and highest speed mobile network don't offer more than 1Mbps that too at a monthly cap of 2-3 Gb)
  2. This comes across as a not so exciting news to me. The local vendors are sub standard.
    Their products are a joke. Actually smartphones in Indian scenario is a joke. We don't even get a proper signal reception but we get all the latest phones, all 4 months late, cost a leg and arm.....and no 3g heck no proper 2g. Most people buy smartphones for bragging rights. No wifi, no NFC, no goddamn 4G LTE.

    All of this is because people are stubborn, they don't want to upgrade. All they do is chat around, pass gossips, talk about some scumbag politician, crap government.

    Sigh...........India is trying to copy others and failing at it miserably. India will never be a developed country. Research says India is a country full of youth. But in reality, India is a country full of youth with contempt rule by really old dilapidated but draconian troglodytes.
  3. Micromax share rose up to 23.5% in Q2 from 19% of Q1.
    Its latest models are good enough if not at par with Nokia or Sony in terms of built quality. Its built quality is very much same as Samsung. I wouldn't say same about Karbonn though. Its name has two spelling mistakes... nuff said.
  4. Local are offering large range of Smart phones of everybody, and giving stiff competetions for MNCs in price and quality. India market is price conscious and new tech penetration is slow. But Local SPhones doing good for Indians.
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