Whats a good graphics card for under $125 for gaming

I have computer that's a bit out of date for gaming, I'm looking to get a new graphics card to play GTA IV, BF3, and Black ops 2. My budget is $125, I'm willing to pay a more if I need to.

These are my specs -
4GB Ram
Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 2.33ghz Processor
430W power supply
NVIDIA Geforce 9500 GT DDR2 1024MB Graphics Card
2 - 750GB WD Hard Drives
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  1. Radeon 7770 is your best option tbh
  2. it mostly depends on your resolution of your monitor that you are using. for example i had a radeon 5830 that ran BF3 with most settings on high at 1080p at around 40 FPS and now i am in the same boat as you because that card just died and i am currently using an old nvidia 9800GT which at like 16xx by xxxx (sorry i forgot the exact size) on low settings i am getting like 25-35 FPS..

    Right now i a looking at 2 $170 Nvidia GTX 660 that newegg has on sale

  3. and i don't want to start a fan war, but since i have had both amd and Nvidia, i can say that PERSONALLY amd give more performance per dollar, but Nvidia is the smoother running option (in my personal opinion which is why i am looking at Nvidia currently. the choice is completely yours though, and if my budget was slightly lower, i would probably go with amd because of the price per dollar thing)
  4. is my power supply enough or should I upgrade?
  5. If its a good brand it will handle a 7770 easily
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