Start menu, how do i select individual items to start please

How do i restore my start menu, i changed the setting but now nothing starts ie help and support and security centre?
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  1. You've got something more going on here. There is no way that changing the start menu options would cause your programs to stop launching. If you haven't already, put these options back the way they were and see if the problem goes away.

    A system restore to a date prior to your changes may also fix the problem.
  2. i cannot remember how to reload my start menu.the programs are there just not showing up.i need to restart help and support etc but havent forgotten how to
  3. What settings did you change? Is your Start menu blank or what is showing up? Without knowing what you did, hard to fix things without just re-installing Windows. You can try a Windows restore point but that often does not work.
  4. not sure what i changed, windows restore point was switched off so cannot restore.i need to restore services such as help and support, modems etc
  5. You can't see Control Panel from the Start Menu? When you say "nothing starts" is that really NOTHING starts or are just some things not there that used to be? You have to be carefull when explaining things. NOTHING starts is different than "some things are not working".

    Are the programs and everying else there? You can get to the help files just by hitting F1. The modem settings you will have in the Control Panel. If you right-click on the Start button and go to the options, you will see the show Control Panel options there, that could be what you are looking for.
  6. thanks
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