APU or Not?

I am thinking about purchasing an AMD APU for a build. However, I'm a little unsure what the advantages and disadvantages on buying a APU; do they require a GPU, do they perform better, will they overclock, etc.

Let me know what you think about the APUs and or whether I should just get a CPU.
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  1. An APU is a CPU, it just happens to have a integrated GPU that's far beefier than you would fine in an Intel chip.

    + Very strong GPU (by integrated standards)
    + Very inexpensive platform, to get an equivalent rig rig would cost a fair bit more
    + They can overclock (but so can any AMD chip really)
    + They can Hybrid Crossfire with select cards
    - Medicore CPU performance, an A10-5800k is about on par with mid-range i3.
    - At the price point of the A10's, there is also an FX-6300 that far outperforms them in CPU grunt (but no iGPU).

    Basically, if you intend to stick a graphics card stronger than a 6770 on the rig then get a CPU. If not, then APU.
  2. Yes they have a graphics unit embedded in them the newest a10 is great but remember that if u want graphics more tha a amd radeon 7750 or higher den go for a fx 6300 with ga 970a ud3 board plus a dedicated graphics card because anything higher than 7750 wud easily beat the embedded graphics
    My reccomendation wud b apu if the graphics u need is more than 7750 so it all depends on ur graphics need
  3. Like manofchalk said, APUs have many good things to say about them. But there is one crucial con that he left out. What does a processor give off? Heat. If you have a GPU running inside a CPU at the same time, chances are, it's going to get hotter than a CPU running alone. Therefore, making your fan run faster, and making your PC noisier. Not to mention if you overclock it, then that would make it even MORE hotter. I suggest you buy a CPU and a dedicated graphics card, something like a Radeon 6670 or a Radeon 7750. Those are both decent cards for a decent price. :)
  4. You can roughly estimate a processors heat output by its power consumption, which is 100W for both of the current A10's. Thats 25W less than the FX-6300 I mentioned as an alternative in my post.
    Besides, noise is an easy fix as you can just throw a $30 heatsink at the chip and it will run cooler and quieter.
  5. Yeah u r ryt..heat is not d problem its the output wanted from the graphics unit if it needs to be more so a cpu wid a graphic card is the best option
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