Application control or should I leave some settings on? GTX760

Is it better to have the GPU under a constant load? Someone from another forum said to leave AA and vsynch on, or the GPU will get hot after a game is closed. I don't have a desired FPS persay, just want the best quality without turning everything up. Right now I'm playing Diablo 3, but the screen brightness and graphic settings are all on default. Are there standard settings for different games?
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  1. V-sync is probably fine for Diablo, though I'd use adaptive v-sync for shooters (and in most games). I personally switch everything towards quality-oriented settings except in Crysis 3 I switched things towards performance. You can use injectSMAA and force disable AA in the control panel and game settings to get high-quality anti-aliasing with little to no performance hit. Provided you start the game as administrator it seems to work for most games!
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