Rumor: Windows Phone 9 Will Be Built from Scratch

Microsoft is redesigning its mobile OS (again).

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  1. People don't like the UI on desktops, why do they want to get rid of it on phones and tablets?
  2. Just let users change the UI for the next windows phone version, just as i do with launchers on android
  3. So basically they are finally admitting that the so called Metro or Modern UI is a complete and utter failure?
  4. I guess Balmer is hoping with they can break the 4% market share with a new OS!
  5. Microsoft needs to do what Nintendo needs to do. Make versions of your software for all the other hardware that's out there!!!
  6. Win 9 will be what 8 should have been and when I will update from 7. I want no part of 8 or 8.1
  7. So if you plan on buying a Windows phone wait till 2015 for Windows 9? What if it's worse then Windows 8?
  8. WP9 will not be compatible with WP8.. WP9 will be a single big tile.
  9. Well with that decision done, would it be possible to enable a "desktop only" mode in Windows 8 now in which all UI decisions would be optimized for desktop users?

    Ironic that unless their approach to windows changes, the only place that Metro will continue to exist is on the desktop, where it was never a comfortable fit.
  10. i have a windows phone 8 and the UI is wonderful. i havent tried windows 8 on a PC so i can't comment on that, but the mobile OS is great, i dont see why they need to rebuild it from scratch.
  11. So we're stuck with metro on the desktop, but it's no good for mobiles? The whole point of inflicting that awful UI on desktop users was that they'd be able to provide a familiar interface on all kinds of devices. Every time I press the windows key I feel like my little brother shoved a tablet in my face.
  12. Great, more FUD to keep the app developers from committing to WP.
  13. and windows 9 for the pc will hopefully follow suit and run and feel like windows 7.
  14. The actual UI isn't what I'm interested in so much - frankly, Metro, Windows phone 7 and 8 both work fine strictly as the basis for UI's - but rather, I'm interested in what's going on with control and access... Mainly, the file system, and whether you can access data through syncing or a proper file system. This will be telling for MS's future plan - do they want to go for a platform where they control everything like iOS, or a platform that gives substantially more access to what's under the hood, like Android and proper Windows.

    I VERY much hope for the latter, as I will NOT be getting another Windows phone without more free access to the file system and less of this syncing BS.
  15. If WP and Windows divisions have been merged, expect to see a lot of power deferred to the cloud, the same way the XB1 offloads AI to the Cloud I am sure your heavy processing tasks will have that facility. You can probably still have traditional local processing but limited by your hardware. As it is version 9 expect Cloud to appear in the name too, perhaps Windows Cloud 9
  16. Is MS retarded or what? People don't want metro on the Desktop/Laptop, Pretty sure people actually like metro on mobile devices.
  17. Metro on Windows Phone 8 is a little messed up but should be fixed with Windows Phone 8.1. I love the metro interface in Windows Phone 7.
    I am pretty sure Microsoft wants to achieve two things with all its devices, a unified interface so you can go from device to device without much change. They want an interface that will propel them into the leading smartphone OS.
  18. (meanwhile at Microsoft)

    Lets improve Metro on phones/tablets, but keep it on desktop!
    Lets add a desktop to phones!
    Lets improve desktop battery life!
    How about a monthly subscription for OSs?
  19. Metro is GREAT on phones/tablets...
    But it SUCKS for desktops....
    Why is this concept so hard for MS to understand????????
  20. If this rumour is true, this is touch based interface (for phones and tablets), so anyone hoping some miracle change in desktop environment will be very disappointed...
    Off course WP9 will be different than WP8.X... Otherwise it would be WP8.Y.
    It will be touch based just like WP8, but a little bit different UI (everybody expect that from new OS version...). It will have some new versions and if this rumour is true, it will be the same as the version that is being used in RT type tablets... When phones are developing so fast, it is easy to see that it is more sensible to develop a windows version that can run also in phone and tablet. You can use same programs etc...
    What does this mean regarding desktop win9, nobody know, but if I have to ques, it will be quite similar from UI perspective than WP9. A touch based "upgraded" metro UI. Let's call it Metro2 and you see the point...
  21. And the cycle continues. Typical pattern for MS. Look for W9 to be a decent desktop/mobile OS. W10 will be a flop, etc.
  22. Windows Phone 7 wasn't a complete departure from Windows Mobile 6.5.... The KinOne and KinTwo both ran Windows Mobile 6.5 with the MetroUI.

    Microsoft needs to get more imaginative with Windows Phone. Give the user the ability to actually customize the UI....not just change colors and tile sizes. As it is, Windows Phone gets quite boring, quite quickly.

    MS also needs to allow a greater range of hardware to allow for Windows Phone based models to cover more price ranges. Right now, Android based phones have both a price and feature advantage and until MS can close up those advantages, it stands little chance of competing against Android.
  23. 1) Tablet, Phone and Desktop OS should all have been able to have cross platform metro-apps from the get-go. Period. If you are pushing a new interface that is touch-centric, even on the desktop, the advantage is Microsoft Office and... THAT NEW INTERFACE... Shouldn't have fragmented from day 1 with the 3 different OSs. At least 2 of them should have been the same.

    2) Shouldn't have mentioned this. Not now... Not when you are a fledgling OS, that some people actually like. That means your apps in your app eco system won't work for all OSs and will further scare people off from your already low-adoption platform.

    3) Has anyone noticed that the Nokia 521 sold at Walmart is selling like hot-cakes? The price is right, the plans are right, and people love the Nokia quality and the ease of use of Windows Phone 8... Why can't they build on this success of the low-end and gradually build up on the high-end? Wouldn't that make sense?
  24. Come on microsoft.
    Does anyone know if Wp 9 will be compatible with last-gen apps. Hope so.
  25. On a phone/tablet, metro UI is not that bad, saved for the horrible long list other aspect it's actually better than i0S aging "icons in a flipping homepage". The real killer is the desktop...they should get rid of it from the Desktop first. The phone version can still evolve to improve, no need to reboot.
  26. Good move by MS. Touch-base smartphones and tablets should have the same OS. Both Apple and Google did spend a few years of getting it right. Add the interoperability with the desktop OS, then MS will be onto something special.
  27. Um 2 Things.. Most of the people posting on here are posting like this came straight from MS.. Honestly let's all believe "Eldar Murtazin of Mobile Review" who the fuck is this guy and why are you people so stupid to believe a thing this guy says..
    Next.. Honestly.. the first thing people do when they start the windows up.. IS..... CLick an Ico.. so the start screen really is the big deal you people are making it out to be.. I mean really.. is it that hard for so many supposed computer experts to figure out.. Hands down the Start screen is FASTER and more configurable then the start menu ever was.. but I guess you guys are to smart to figure it out..
  28. Question: Where will they...Start?
  29. A few things of note:
    1) Murtazin is no MS employee, this is entirely based on conjecture, and it does not jive well with the direction that MS has been pushing for these last 2 years. My bet is that this is mostly for publicity. I mean, the only person consistantly right on rumors are Mary Jo over at zdnet, and the folks over at WP Central, and even they get hoodwinked from time to time.

    2) Windows 9 is not expected until Q4 of 2015, and WP9 is expected to be released after that (because MS is not so coordinated as to launch multiple platforms at the same time). So we are talking about very late 2015, and more likely early 2016 for the next WP release. Any phone you buy within the next year or so will be out of date by the time the new OS is released. Even if you pick up a phone towards the end of life I bet you will still get decent support on WP8. WP7 was the red headed step child that MS did not know what to do with. It was a dead kernel with a immature UI... kinda hard to support that when you are trying to unify platforms. WP8 is similar to win8, and will still get at least some attention after the release of win9.

    3) Win9 and WP9 will have a new interface... the same way that Win8.1 is a 'new interface' from Win8. Still tiles, still a flat UI, but hopefully matured, more feature-full, and intuitive. There is a possibility that they could move to something else, but it must pass the test:
    -It must work well across a varieity of input methods
    -It must work across a variety of form factors
    -It must be the same (or at least very similar) across WP, Win, and xbox
    Tiles seem to be a great compromise here, and I would be highly surprised if they moved to something else so quickly.

    4) It is sounding more and more like WinRT is getting the axe and the planned features will get rolled into WP at some point. The idea (at least in my mind) is that by the time WP9 rolls around then you will have the option to have dockable phones. It would be a phone while on the road, and then moves into a tablet mode with a limited desktop for use at home or in the office. I could be wrong on this, but that is where I see things headed.

    5) Windows, Windows Phone, xBox, Windows Server, and MS services (skydrive, outlook, office365, etc.) all need tighter integration, and we have seen nothing short of a revolution on unifying these product lines over the last 2 years. A few years ago you would not think that the same company made all of those products, and now they all share a common visual branding. Today they work together on at least a surface level, but by the time win9 rolls around they will all be part of a value building ecosystem. Somebody joked about paying a yearly subscription for Windows, and while unpalatable to some, this may not be an all together terrible idea so long as they do not offer the same scam of a deal we have seen with the $100 Office365. Actually, that is really not such a bad deal if you really have 5 machines. But if you are like me and only have 2 machines... not such a deal.
    But the point is that if they really are pushing unification of software and services then I could see some sort of $1-200 per person subscription plan which gives you all current software, unlimited xbox music, discounts for 3rd party apps in the app store, discounts on windows hardware (WP, tablets, laptops, xbox, etc.), xbox gold subscription, and other such perks. Trick is that they need to price it more appropriately than they did with office365 because there is not a 'one size fits all' in this market.

    6) Windows 8 is the coreOS for xbox, windows, and windows phone. It is based off of the good old NT kernel, and is finally to a point where it can run on just about anything you throw at it. But while the NT kernel is shared, all of rest of the OS is fragmented out so that they can have different UIs, drivers, networking, security, and other features on different devices. I think that win8 was the 'great experiment' to see if they got things right on modularizing the OS. Windows 9 (and the updates leading to it) will be all about unifying these modules so that you can get as close to the same experience across devices within the limits that form factors and input methods allow.

    7) I think that the start screen changes to be found in WP8.1 will be very telling for the direction that MS wants to go with the design language. WP seems to get the newest direciton on the Metro UI, while xbox and windows follow with an update. Windows 8.1 brought a lot of WP8 features to the desktop, and I feel that WP8.1 will lead the way on the next generation of the start screen, and where it is headed.
  30. Let me guess...they will take away the scroll will have to tilt the phone to make it scroll up and down!!!

    Microsoft Natural Gravitational Human Interface!(tm). Oh yeah!
  31. Just make the damn thing run a Mobile-centric version of the full Windows 8 OS!!!! Give it the strongest phone x86 atom/AMD Equivalent you can make it a 5" phone.

    Then I could hook up a controller and play HL2, L4D2, and AOEII on my PHONE!!!
  32. If Windows Phone was a hospital patient, they would be pulling the plug right about now. If Microsoft were not bribing Nokia to support the platform their market share would be insignificant. They are selling handsets (WINDOWS) at a loss, and if Nokia can't make money soon they will fall pray to a more astute operator.
  33. Eldar has about 10% hitrate...
  34. Not surprised about the under-the-hood rebuild, very surprised about the GUI change.
  35. Yeah OK. Quite the legit statement. Microsoft is canning their current OS design on the platform for which it made the most sense, but they are keeping it for the platform that they are struggling to justify it. I heard it from another reviewer so it must be true. Mind you I can be bothered to link an article that actually makes mention of it, but take my word for it. You could've just wrote an article and referenced yourself and it would hold just as much weight. I'm not going to put stock into this one until I get something more substantial.
  36. This is why you don't trust and invest in anything Microsoft. No stability, no longevity, no security!
  37. Tom Pennycook, links to show selling handsets at a loss or it didn't happen
  38. /Facepalm
  39. It didn't work the first two times let's try start over again.
  40. You know what they say at MS "if at 1st you don't succeed blame the customer, then when it doesn't sell try a "new" O/S version, if that doesn't work blame the customer, when it doesn't sell try a "new" O/S version, if that doesn't work blame the customer....

    Just fire Steve and free innovation and bring back intelligence at MS!!
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