is a 10 year old lian li case any good for today's gaming rig?

i have a 10 year old lian li case, i'm pretty sure it's a pc-62 case, you can see it here on the lian li web site.

i'm thinking of getting back into owning a desktop gaming rig and was wondering if that case would work for today's components, as far as airflow, cooling, etc goes. i can only imagine how much hotter a haswell based system with a geforce 660/760 card would be compared to the geforce 300 something i had in there 10 years ago.

at the very least i was going to put new fans in it. i'm trying to save a few bucks if i can, but not at the expense of burning up anything i put in it. do you think i can keep that case or should i just get a new one?
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  1. Beautiful case, but as it is it probably would be really loud (80mm/8cm fans have to spin fast to move a lot of air) and will have limited airflow, even with the two fans at the front.
    Also, though the mobo tray is removable, there doesn't appear to be any extra space nor cut-outs for cable management; using a modular PSU would mitigate that a bit, but there is always wiring that has to be dealt with.

    That said, it is still a beautiful case, and maybe you can figure a way to move more air without destroying the aesthetics.
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