Zalman Introduces The Ultra-Compact CNPOS2X CPU Cooler

Zalman has released a new CPU cooler, the CNPS2X.

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  1. Cool
  2. haha i see what you did there, "cool", you witty devil you. on a seperate note, that is a good looking cooler, even if it requires case cooling
  3. somehow i doubt that this little thing will be able to cool ~100W within acceptable noise levels. i'd actually be surprised if it manages even 80W.

    also, if the fan really is exactly 80mm, the whole heatsink surely is more than 84mm in diameter. 94mm would seem to be a better guess, judging by the pictures.
  4. I don't really see the point of the compactness if it requires the use of a 120mm case fan. Cases that can fit those can surely fit a standard ginormous heatsink, no?
  5. This looks like an interesting SFF cooler to me. I would think it would be ideal for low wattage parts with very little headroom. Does anyone know if this stays within the reference cooler space, of if there is a posisbility of interfering with other MB parts?
  6. Although my past 3 coolers were Zalman and they performed wonderfully, they all suffered from the same problem. After a year of use the copper turns a dirty orange color. Although the nickel plated copper coolers did not have this problem.
  7. love the design, for low profile seams to be great. anyway, worthless without benchmarks.
  8. Looks good, especially for HTPC's where space is very tight! Can't wait to see this in some benchmarks and see how it does over stock AMD and Intel coolers (I wouldn't expect anything really great, but much better then stock!)
  9. Nice for a max TDP of 65W w/o extra fans ...and only if it's not a tower.
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