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Hello. I've had my current build from autumn 2010 and while I can still play pretty much any game on high details, 2014 is rapidly coming and I need to learn what's on the market to date. I'll divide this thread into two major discussions:
1. Current system OC
2. late 2012-2013 builds

1. I haven't OC'ed a cpu or gpu before, but I don't think it's that hard to change the values. The hard part I think is figuring out what values to change to.
Should I need to OC my CPU, I can see here:
a few hints about what values I should set. I'm guessing I can change these values in bios, right?
Should I need to OC my gpu, I'd need a few hints from you guys.

When I get home I'll update this thread with my power supply and cpu cooler, but it's at least 500W and the cooler's brand is most probably arctic.

2. What are some interesting late 2012-2013 new builds (CPU+GPU+MOBO+RAM)?
Also, should I bother trying to find a new MOBO for an intel+nvidia build considering what's on the market thus far, or should I keep my current MOBO and get 2x crossfire and a new FX processor?
Since I'll most probably buy my PC in the second half of 2014, I'm trying to figure out what's the best value cpu and gpu this year and compare them to the next year releases.

My predicted budget will be somewhere around 1000$-1200$ for cpu+gpu for the second half of 2014 (it may be a bit hard to predict how the prices will go down on the current components, but an educated guess is in order).
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  1. Its almost impossible to determine the best CPU for 2014. However reports are that Intel's broadwell is delayed because of 14nm process problems. Steamroller could be huge and is predicted to be 30-40% faster then piledriver in IPC alone. I'd wait till Q1 2014 for steamroller and see how that plays out.
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