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I have a 200mm fan that i want to put on top to increase exhaust but the only way that I can get it to fit is if I mount it outside the case (MB and liquid cooling loop get in the way). Would that actually be viable with it mounted outside the case as opposed to inside?
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  1. It would not be a prob as it would still suck in air so dont wrry
  2. Its being used as exhaust because its on top of the case.
  3. Then it might not give as good performance as inside the case but will work with less cooling efficiency
  4. Right now I have a 120mm 2k rpm fan on top. was wondering if its worth putting that in front and put the 200mm on top of the case or keep it as is right now.
  5. Look intake is one of the most important thing tha sometimes we do not give prefference over exhaust
    My advice would be let 200 be in the front
    It will put alot of air in ur case so that it is exhausted first by the graphics card which are mostly blower out cooler

    Plus air intake is very important for cpu cooling system tooo
    Hope this helped

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  6. 200mm fan won't fit in the front. I don't know of any case that could unless it was completely custom. Intake is key for cooling but positioning and having more exhaust than intake is better.

    Anyway back to my question...200mm fan mount on top of the case for exhaust. How effective will it be?
  7. It would b like 50-60% more effective tha a 120

    Which case do you have???

    There are alot of cases in which 200 fits in front like the HAF series from cooler master
    Many others support 200 in frontntop n side aswell simultaneously
  8. Well I'm just speaking for the top of the case. I want to move the other 120 to the front of my case and the 200mm to the top. I'm just worried that the 200mm mounted on top of the case won't be very effective if any at all for exhaust.

    I wasn't trying to compare the 120mm to the 200mm. I was comparing the effectiveness of inside the case vs outside the case mounting.
  9. Look it being external would not be that effective but u will see noticable results

    Just install it in the top n see the result will speak for themselve
  10. Fair enough! thanks!
  11. Yeah

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  13. Ohkay
    I think your 200mm would work and would have a descent decrease of 20% while mounting it on the outside
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