Digital Storm Launches 13.3" Gaming Notebook

This new compact gaming notebook arrives

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  1. Although it is small, you can get much better bang for your buck and spend hundreds less. I think the typical gamer is not so lazy that they won't haul around an extra couple pounds to get much better performance (GPU), but I may be wrong.
  2. I hope they include a fire extinguisher in the price. gaming laptop=oxymoron
  3. just go to xotic pc and customize this same Clevo / Sager BP7330
  4. Get the same laptop from Sager for a few hundred cheaper. And when I say same, I mean EXACTLY the same. The only difference is the brand label and the price.
  5. I've ordered these Clevo systems from before. They are hundreds cheaper and they have always had nice customer service if ever there was a problem.
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