Help! Can´t get trhough POST while boot from HDD (New PC)

Hello, I´ve got new MB,CPU,RAM,PSU and SSD (so whole computer). And since there is no IDE port on my MB i have to install W7 using my USB, everything is OK, i select boot from USB and install W7, when i select boot from USB i can also get to w7 and do what i want, but when i plug out USB and try to boot from HDD it get stuck on POST and stil restart and POST, restart and POST. I´ve tried to install 64 bit, 32 bit, i tried to install it on my old 3,5" HDD(64-32bit) and still the same. I also tried install it using USB optical drive and nothing. Today I´m going to buy a sata optical drive and i hope it will work. My specifications are Asus Z78-Plus, Core i5 4670K, 8GB corsair ram, corsair PSU and kingston 128GB SSD. I have absolutely no idea what´s going on... If you have any idea how to do it, please help me.
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  1. did you remove the USB after the first reboot?

    if so, keep it in until windows7 has completed the installation
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