remove disk or other media press any key to restart

Remove disk or other media press any key to restart. What do I do? Diagnostics test came out good and I have no recovery disc. I have a hp p6-2007c with windows 7 64 bit
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  1. Your system is telling you to remove something; either a CD/DVD from the drive or maybe even a USB device. It's trying to boot from said media and it's not finding a bootable image. Remove it and press any key to restart the system.

    Once resolved, you may want to go into BIOS and change your boot device order to have the Hard Drive as the first boot device.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I attempted to do this and same deal I also removed everything from the USB and drives besides the keyboard and I even tried without the keyboard and when I press a button it says error no boot disk has been detected or but disk has failed please help
  3. Also when I go to boot menu it says please select boot device when I press enter on hard drive it does nothing
  4. If you're getting that error message when telling the computer to boot from your hard drive, then the issue is with your installation. If you do not have a recovery disc, then I'd suggest contacting HP for your options on obtaining one for your system.

    -Wolf sends
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