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Win7 weird freezing after fresh install

Last response: in Windows 7
July 17, 2013 6:43:03 AM

Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago my Win7 stopped working because of a LogonUI.exe error (couldn't read from memory) so I decided to do a fresh install.

Everything seemed to go well, I installed the system from a USB, installed and the latest drivers, and finally proceeded to install all windows updates that were available, including optional ones.

I then went on to instal Google Chrome. It downloaded just fine but when it tried to install, my computer jus froze. I thought ok, can happed. I repeated the process and it froze at the exact same time as before. Repeated a few more times, same result. I just went and downloaded Opera which installed and worked fine.

After using the computer for a few minutes, I notices that the freezing occured randomly as well, sometimes just browsing files. I tried to install a game, Marvel Heroes in particular, on the same drive (Kingston SSD) the OS is on, it went for about 5-10 minutes and froze again. I tried to reformat the drive again and do a fresh install since I've read that sometimes it can just bug out but that didn't help. Chrome kept freezing at the exact same time as before and random computer freezes kept occuring as well.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of behavior? Unfortunately I have no working replacements for the SSD or memory to test if this is a hardware related issue so I am looking for advise before I replace these components.

March 18, 2014 9:49:15 AM

I just made a post with the same sort of issue, the initial lock up was when installing Chrome, could be related...