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So this is my built

What do you guys think? What do you guys recommend? My budget is about 1300$ but if it can be less that would be great. What case would you recommend for future updates

I need a pc for gaming that would run max graphics for games like GTA COD Skyrim and the those next gen games.
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  2. My thoughts on this (#9 is a critical one):

    1. The Antec Kuhler H2O 620 may be on the small side for Haswell. If you plan to run at stock, get a decent air cooler instead. If you want to overclock, you'll want a larger liquid cooler like the 920.
    2. The cooler will come with paste, so you shouldn't need to buy any.
    3. A velociraptor isn't your best choice. Get a 128GB SSD and a 1TB storage drive.
    4. A GTX660 is not a bad card, but in a $1300 build, I would have expected a GTX770 or HD7970.
    5. You probably don't need the sound card. Motherboard sound, especially on newer boards, is quite good.
    6. You don't need the wired Ethernet adapter, as the motherboard has that.
    7. If you need wireless, you'll want something better, like or other dual-band card.
    8. Ok, case is a matter of personal choice.
    9. The Antec 430W Basiq is undersized, and one of their few of questionable quality. Get a 550W Seasonic "G" series instead:
    10. I have found Logitech and Microsoft to both make reliable, inexpensive but decent keyboards and mice.

    Edit: Other than the cooler, Thasan's build is an example of a much stronger system.
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