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Windows 8 randomly spikes 100% hard drive usage, now won't boot! please help.

Hi i'm currently running windows 8 on my computer recently my hard dive started randomly spiking to 100% and when this would happen my system would lock up for a second, I first started noticing it during gaming only slightly, just very rarely and attributed it to the new league of legends patch being very buggy. However it gradually got more and more frequent, until this morning it happened constantly, so i decided to update and restart my computer, however when i tried to restart my computer a screen comes up that says ASROCK in green letters and gives me a list of of options including f6 for instant flash f11 for boot menu and tab to switch screen. What happened? can I fix this?
Thanks in advance.
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    It sounds as though you may have a hardware issue. The ASRock screen you are seeing is generated by your motherboard firmware. If you have an overclock on your system, I would begin by removing it and setting the processor and memory settings to default. If the system is not overclocked or if restoring the defaults does not resolve the issue, the next steps would be to test the hardware.

    If your system still will not boot to Windows 8, boot to the Windows Recovery Environment by booting to your installation media, confirming your language options then selecting Repair your computer. Select Troubleshoot, then Advanced options, then Command Prompt. Enter the command below, then select Restart now and check for problems when prompted by Windows Memory Diagnostic.


    From within Windows 8, type Memory Diagnostic at the Start Screen, select Settings, then select Diagnose your computer’s memory problems, select Restart now and check for problems when prompted by Windows Memory Diagnostic.

    Press F1 when the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool appears to launch Advanced Options. Here you can specify how thorough the test should be and how many passes to make. Press F10 to apply your settings. You may want to check first with the default settings, then if you continue to experience issues again with the Extended Test Mix and set the Pass Count to 0 (Infinite) to allow the system to run overnight or for several hours with the test active.

    From the Windows Repair Environment Command Prompt you can also run the Disk Check Utility to test the storage media of your system. The following command will review the file system for corruption and repair it if detected. It will also scan the drive for defects and attempt to recover data if a defect is found.

    ChkDsk /R

    If a problem is not detected by either of these utilities, you will need to restore to manufacturer specific software to further diagnose the hardware found in your system.
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