Seagate 3TB external hdd not recognized.

Less than 1 year old. Prolly under warranty, but I want the data more than the device.

Hasn't been dropped, it just won't post. Also, when I try to access other drives in Explorer, the system hangs until I disconnect the external drive..
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  1. Can it be seen by BIOS, if not than it's gone. If it is seen by BIOS than try this software to recover data.
  2. Thanks lonewolf7.

    Since it's an external (USB 3.0) hdd, I don't think it shows up until windows posts. I am trying to "see" it on a WinXP machine. How can I tell if the BIOS "sees" it?

    If windows won;t recocgnize via USB 3.0 or 2.0, then I will prolly crack the case and attach it directly via SATA. Just hoping there is a way to recover it without opening the case.

    My Win7 PC died recently, so I don;t have an alternative... Maybe my wife's laptop. Hmmm, I will give that a try and take a look at the link you provided.

    I own a copy of GetData's RecoverMyFiles which has recovered any drive that didn't have the "click of doom". If I could get the drive to post...
  3. If it is a USB powered external HDD than you could hot plug this HDD. Try to boot up with windows and than try to plug in the drive. See if the explorer or disk mgmt. can recognize it. If the explorer still hangs than I am afraid its out of your hand. If the explorer recognize it with a drive letter than try this command on CMD chkdsk X: /f/r (X is the drive letter, yours may be different). Or uninstall the driver in disk mgmt. than restart the PC with the ex.HDD plugged in, if it not hangs on boot, the drivers will be automatically supplied by windows.

    Cracking the case might not help you cause sometimes for some ex. HDD's the pins are different from a regular drive. Lets hope for the best. Good luck.
  4. Okay...

    I cracked open the case and the hdd is "recognizable". The system doesn't "see" a 3TB partition, but "sees" 746GB in 2 300+GB partitions. My recovery software (ReoverMyFiles) can "see the drive, but doesn't find any partitions. I am currently connected via a SATA/IDE to USB converter.

    I have yet to try PhotoRec, but that is next. Then, I guess I will install the drive via MoBoSATA.

    Any thoughts/suggestions welcome.

  5. Well, I finally opened the case. My WinXP system only sees it as 750GB-ish.

    Just built new PC:

    ASUS Z87-Plus
    Corei7 4770K 3.5Ghz
    32GB Patriot Viper Ram
    Win7 Pro

    The new system can "see" the entire drive. The file system is munged, but RecoverMyFiles can see everything that was "lost". Now I just need to clear up other HDD space so I can recover my files.

    Thanks to lonewolf7 for the assistance
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