Connect wifi only notebook to Ethernet

Is it possible to have a wifi only notebook connect to Ethernet ?
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  1. Yes, if you have a USB port, you can get a USB Ethernet adapter (they run $25-30 at Newegg).
  2. RealBeast said:
    Yes, if you have a USB port, you can get a USB Ethernet adapter (they run $25-30 at Newegg).

    NOPE! I haven't bought a tablet or laptop yet because all my senile friends keep telling me I don't know what I'm doing. I think I'm pretty smart to ask y'all for advice! And I'm doing it on my iPhone 5s! They don't even text! Anyway I want something bigger than my iPhone but light enough to throw in a purse. I want to surf, watch movies, FB , email. Watch some tv. Otherwise that's about all I do. The wifi upstairs here comes and goes on my phone, and it's VERY SMALL. Any suggestions on what I could buy around $350 or less that's portable and has Ethernet and wifi ? Thanks!!!
  3. Hi Tom!
    Could you ask around and find out why everyone can't hear me very well on my iPhone 5? I'm not hard of hearing. People say I'm "breaking up" and they're getting every other word. What can I do besides stomp on it?
    Rebecca ( your resident illiterate senior citizen that's wanting to learn)
  4. If you want an inexpensive notebook to do all of that you may want to go with something like a Dell Inspiron 15 (model 3521) notebook. It is about an inch thick but has a 15.6 inch screen (diagonal measurement) and runs $349. It has wireless and Ethernet. The monitor does 720p resolution at a size that works for older eyes (like mine) to watch video.

    If you want anything smaller you have a choice of an ultrabook (lots more expensive) or a tablet (fewer features for the money).
  5. So nice of you to respond to me!! Thanks!!! Of you think of any more advice, feel free!!
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