Danger of overcloking; geforce gtx 680 2gb in sli.

I have two geforce gtx 680 2gb in sli. The first card is already overclocked from the factory. And the other is not overclocked. My question is; is it dangerous to overclock one card to the same speed as the pre-overclocked card. Both card is from the same Company (evga), and the overclocked card has a boostclock speed of 1120mhz. And the non overcloked card has a boostclock spee of 1058 mhz. I have tried to overclock the non overclocked card with + 100% gpu offset in evga precision, but I am not sure of this is dangerous for my card.

Sorry for my bad english
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  1. Shouldn't be. Set the clocks and test stability.
  2. But will overclocking the card with +100% gpu offset decrease the lifetime of the card? And how can I test the stability? And how high temperatur is normal for new graphics card (in especially graphics demanding games)
  3. ihog said:
    Shouldn't be. Set the clocks and test stability.

    But how can I find out when my card is overclocked stable, and is +100% gpu offset an okay step to begin with?
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