New Video Card Bios/set shows up but not desktop

Ok I installed a new PSU and it works 100% I then installed a new HD7770 card and connected it via the power cable. Now, when I boot the system the HP set up screen shows up - and I can go into the bios or other menus and change to safe mode or move around in the bios.

the issue is, that once windows loads and I mean the load bar for windows vista shows up, normally at the end it fades and my desktop shows up, now it just fades and nothing shows up, but I can hear windows finish booting in the back ground.

If I take the new card out and plug directly to the onboard everything works like normal.

right now for example I'm sitting here looking at my bios menu, and it's connected via my new card, it's just that when windows loads it fades away, I'm still receiving a signal but nothing is there.

I thought, well I'll make my primary video adapter my onbaord, leave the new card in, go to desktop and find the new hard ware and install it, but when the new card is put in the system, it auto boots from it.

Also I've did a driver sweep of my old AMD 4350 drivers and this morning I installed the catalyst for the 7770 (as recommended via the amd website).

It just seems that Windows isn't using the card at the last minute.?

any questions or opinions?

also it's a 550 watt new PSU.

Please and thank you for your help.
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  1. Could it be the monitor?

    I have a

    connected via DVI to DVI with no adapters, could the new card be displaying a resolution lower than my system can do and that is why when the desktop loads it fades out?
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