Nvidia Sees Great Future with Windows RT

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  1. Maybe when all Tablets come with 64gb+ of ram, at the moment it takes up to much space and uses to much power. I can do everything in Android and it's far less ugly to look at.
  2. of course they do, OEMs are dropping Tegra 4 left and right...
  3. Hah, now MS is pressuring Nvidia to help sell there 6 mil of unsold Surface RT's? LOL
  4. Nvidia sees a great future with Windows RT?

    They're the only ones...
  5. the only way RT will survive will be if MS comes up with a way for it to run any program the x86 version can. if not then it will end up having a shorter life than the arm version of windows NT
  6. After losing nearly $1 Billion on RT, I guess it's time to try about anything. Nvidia isn't completely wrong, but I don't know RT ever had a strong path forward.Having RT and Pro, it's like trying to split your own user base.

    Anyone see the numbers on the Surface Pro? I know it supposedly has done better than the RT, but I don't really see much mention of it.
  7. Hah, now MS is pressuring Nvidia to help sell there 6 mil of unsold Surface RT's? LOL
  8. Well if this is the case, Nvidia is seeing something that most do not...

    I cant see this going well, the RT windows was a flop from the start.
  9. Quote:
    Jack Gold, an analyst at J. Gold Associates, said he doesn't believe any tablet maker will produce a Windows RT tablet in the future. Even more, Nvidia is reportedly "blowing smoke" about the future of Windows RT and Surface RT because marketing people don't want to spook the market with negativity.

    "RT is dying overnight. RT is going to die a slow death," he told Computerworld.

    This, to me, is the best part of the article as it seems to be the obvious truth.
  10. Wow. Nvidia is excited about a DOA platform. Must be desperate for Tegra sales.
  11. I don't get what Microsoft's plan was. If they really wanted to break into the ARM market, they should commit a large investment in those surfaces, make them cheap so that more people would take a risk on it. With more users, there will be more developers to make apps for RT. Instead, we get this half hearted attempt. I mean did they really think they'd sell the Surface RT when there are already two well established ecosystems when they don't even have the price advantage?
  12. I wonder if Microsoft had properly marketed Windows RT that they would have done better? RT is no better or worse than Android or iPad IMHO. It lacks in the app ecosystem, but I don't think that's where it failed. MS tried very hard to skin RT and 8 PRO touch versions of their OS to look virtually identical; as such, consumers expected RT tablets to run full OS versions of software (whether improperly assuming or not). It was a bad choice IMHO. That coupled with the fact that Surface RT tablets were not priced competitively. Oh, and the dumb kickstand and magnetic keyboard was a poor design choice vs. a proper dock.
  13. I still have hope for the Surface RT. I've been waiting for an alternative to Android. I would like something that will Sync nicely with my Windows desktop, and it doesn't have to be able to run every x86 Windows application. The main problem I have is the price, and if Microsoft can get the price down to compete with Android...I'm in. The fact that Microsoft includes a microSD slot really helps, and if it comes with a Tegra 4, I'll be first in line.
  14. Microsoft strategy is flawed - they should have taken a similar approach to Apple's. Build the mobile ARM based platform with Win 8 1st, and converge the Win 7 x86 platform functionality via the Cloud. It's working for Apple for OS X and iOS. This is not the 90's, when MS set the rules, those days are long gone, there is a new sheriff, or 2, in Tech Town!
  15. It's not a fun time for Nvidia in the mobile space. No love from Apple, or most Android OEMs, because Qualcomm and PowerVR provide superior products... so they're forced into Windows 8 RT tablet territory, where they're going to get a beatdown from Intel, who's selling superior X86 based Windows 8 tablets.
  16. MS needs to make a version of Windows Server that supports ARM, with roles restricted to secondary AD DCs, DNS, DHCP, and routing. That would make them perfect for telephone/LAN closet authentication and network services with very low power (12-15W) consumption, right along side the local switches. Perhaps they could even get built into the switches. Admins would still administer from a central DC, but it would take the authentication load from that central server.

    Many companies have moved this kind of thing to virtual machines, but that still requires big, power (>250W) hungry hosts. With smaller, low power units based on ARM, they could reduce the datacenter footprint, power consumption, and heat, spreading it out to telephone/LAN closets.

    The main DC would still have to be a big x64 machine, and so would file servers, print servers, DB servers, and other services, but ARM could have a significant contribution to the datacenter.
  17. MS needs to fire Steve he has made more dumb moves then any CEO in history. Fire his ass before he sinks MS into a hole it can't get out of!! As to the article I have one question. How do you die overnight and have a slow death at the same time?
  18. RT reeks of the same neglect that killed WebOS, only it seems that Microsoft with oodles more money than HP to put a product out there managed to kill it FASTER? MS shoulda taken their 1st-gen XBOX strategy; that is to sell the SurfaceRT at cost or at a slight loss to install their userbase. the workspace could have vast potential in a business space where these days iDevices are starting to become almost a de facto standard. get hardware, SDKs and direct collaboration with major business oriented software developers and get mature, secure line of business software working on this from day1(a bit late, maybe day1 of the second-gen devices?) and pound the ground with tests and presentations to businesses. if they can see the benefit and employees become accustomed to the experience, they will want to take that experience home or tell their friends/business partners. MS has the money to install this market NOW and wait to make the money tomorrow.
  19. @teh_chem: Didn't Dell warn Microsoft about the dangers of using Windows branding on WinRT?
  20. darkavenger123 said:
    Wow. Nvidia is excited about a DOA platform. Must be desperate for Tegra sales.

    When it comes to mobile Nvidia is obviously desperate
  21. Blinken said:
    Hah, now MS is pressuring Nvidia to help sell there 6 mil of unsold Surface RT's? LOL

    Every business venture has its risks, 900 million is chump change to Microsoft now how many companies can say that?. With Nvidia agreeing to this partnership it really shows how desperate they are to get their Tegra out there.
  22. redeemer said:
    Blinken said:
    Hah, now MS is pressuring Nvidia to help sell there 6 mil of unsold Surface RT's? LOL

    Every business venture has its risks, 900 million is chump change to Microsoft now how many companies can say that?. With Nvidia agreeing to this partnership it really shows how desperate they are to get their Tegra out there.

    Not sure what you meant by half-decent, but how about this?

    No way we gonna get a $300 tablet running intel iCore CPU, cos even i5 costs $200 alone.
    (sorry wrong post, dont know how to delete this so...)
  23. i think it is not much about Tegra sales. when talking about WinRT it is about their Project Denver.
  24. i think it is not much about Tegra sales. when talking about WinRT it is about their Project Denver.
  25. ... Nvidia Sees Great Future with Windows RT? Yaeh, right... nVidia sees no choise... they have no x86 capability... tegra is d.o.a.... and the next console circle is AMD... intel's Haswell GPU performs ok in low end... so?! WIndows RT is not relevant... so is not Tegra for Windows RT...
  26. vmem said:
    of course they do, OEMs are dropping Tegra 4 left and right...

    Who? Asus, HP, Toshiba, SurfaceRT etc all have tablets coming on T4. ZTE (a phone coming), Nanotech streaming box. Mostly likely madcatz console will be T4. The only company of the usual suspects missing so far is google and they won't announce anything until T4 ramps more (nexus10 r2 I suspect since they don't come until Nov or so). They just started shipping chips this month, you can't drop something technically before it even ships...LOL.

    HP AIO also coming shortly, shield, Kalos, Acer TA272HUL, ZTE u988s (T4 phone mentioned before!). I haven't seen one S800 announcement yet - rumor of SurfaceRT is it and I don't expect that to sell, tablets aren't used as phones-T4 wifi version will outsell it no doubt at a cheaper price also. You have to ship July/Aug to land in xmas stuff (takes 4-6 months to go from soc at your door to product with soc in it).

    So by your definition everyone is dropping S800 too eh? I mean there is nothing with that chip in it shipping...
    /sarcasm (gee, maybe because it isn't shipping yet?)

    Links to canceled products please. Nobody is changing their mind AFAIK.
    Products are just starting to be announced. You can't announce a launch without knowing how many you'll be able to get and that can't happen until they are ramping.
    J&R has 9 left in stock...hmm, I didn't realize Toshiba would be first to ship.
    Intel's chip replaced by T4?...I could look up the rest, but you can do that. I think my proof is done. I see nothing but a hack comment from you. :)

    I love your posts, them make me laugh. Links to companies dropping T4 please. Clueless NV haters...I digress...
  27. RT has a chance if they can combine it with WP. A work tool with phone, Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Otherwise it's stuck in the middle.
  28. I'd accept RT if it simply wasn't actually RT and ran x86 applications. (heh)

    There isn't a single thing on RT I care about. They have little/no useful apps, none of the software I actually want, nothing.

    Why the hell would I want heavy Office applications on these things, anyway? Outlook??

    It's crap. There was plenty of potential, but they missed the boat by making the wrong decisions about the browser lockdown, the app store, the pricing, and the way they treat the app developers.

    With manufacturers, developers and customers seemingly avoiding it now, it's just going to fade into the background.

    Win RT has done its job though. It prompted AMD and Intel to work harder on energy-efficient hardware. That is a very good thing.
  29. renz496 said:
    i think it is not much about Tegra sales. when talking about WinRT it is about their Project Denver.

    Yes since this is aimed at notebooks/desktops and an IN-HOUSE cpu I'm guessing it will be tooled for 3-4ghz not a 2ghz tablet job in a <10w envelope. But maybe it's scalable. Boulder will be right behind it to attack servers. Both of these, and everyone else entering AMD/Intel's domain will change the landscape dramatically (none of the people coming into this market are in debt, all have cash and their socs are $25-40, not $300-3000). There are a good 5 companies coming for Intel's share of desktops/notebooks/servers (and AMD's too). Granted they will have grow the size of the die but we're still talking a chip that can easily sell for $100-150 vs. i7-4770's $320-350 and probably match it if running at 3.5-4ghz. The process lead is over in 2015 so you will actually have to BEAT the other guy in the chips not with shrinks. They aren't competing against AMD now who is broke. The 5 companies mentioned all have over $3.7B in cash and no debt (the complete reverse of AMD). Well not calxeda. But Samsung, NV, Qcom, Arm all have tons of cash and no debt (there's another name I'm missing, but oh get the point).

    Once that is in the books if I was NV, and more games come for HTML5, OpenGL, WebGL, Java etc I'd just block Intel from using my gpus (assuming AMD is worthless by 2016 as consoles die). If AMD doesn't have a competitive GPU and 60% of devs are already planning mobile games (this years #'s from GDC) vs. only 40% for PC and less than 13% for any console I cut Intel off to kill x86/directx. Put a billion into gaming and get google's help to kill x86 gaming (google already has gaming coming to the front with a console coming etc, and shield was the only major product displayed at IO this year-killing MS/Intel would have to be the goal). This is no different than what Intel did to NV with chipsets being blocked. If nobody has a competitive gpu, you can really put a dent in WIntel. Gamers will go where the best games and graphics are no matter who makes it. At that point the only thing left for android to conquer is WORK apps (adobe etc) which are only done on macs/pc's. Though everything can be ported I'm sure if the power and audience is there.

    Quick google of this shows games were on display at IO 2013:
    google games development
    Lots of links etc for devs looking to bring more games to android. I'm hoping their console has a T4 in it shortly. I'd rather see a gaming king in google's device than qcom etc who have no gaming experience yet and devs have no experience optimizing like 20yrs years on AMD/NV hardware.

    At ~5mil per game NV could fund a lot of AAA games. That's 200 games right, over say 5yrs so 40 top titles/yr? Also some don't cost 5mil; look at all the great ones coming via kickstarter for under 4mil to PC's & on android with small devs. Witcher and witcher2 only cost ~7mil each and you won't have to advertise as much with google doing it all on googleplay, their own devices etc. Torchlight was made with less than 20 people (14 devs+voice actors+1 music guy, for under a million in 11 months) and I think roughly 30 worked on torchlight 2. Both sold over a million copies just on PC and even giving away 30% that's a huge profit. It should be easy for NV to recover their costs per game when aimed at a 1-2Bil unit market vs. PC's gamers (which can also be ported to or made on since T5 is kepler tech, or just make them PC games and port to mobile!). Unreal3 engine now runs on RT and android (heck was ported to firefox in 4 days). Game devs know NV hardware and unreal 3 etc inside out. Also as noted Torchlight was made in a year. Torchlight 2 took 2yrs. T2 didn't take more than a few mil.

    Raise your hand if you think torchlight 1 & 2 sucked...I see no hands :) It doesn't have to look like battlefield 4 to be fun (or nintendo couldn't sell a console...LOL). Legends of grimrock lasts about 13-15hrs and was done by 4 guys in 1.5yrs (and a large portion wasn't full time, they had full time jobs until the last 6 months). Raise your hand if you played Grimrock and thought, this sucks for $13-$15. I see no hands.
    Legends 2 has 6 guys working on it...LOL:
    Not bad looking for 6 guys and a coffee maker...ROFL. Who says you need 40-100 people to make a great game?...Whatever. I'll merrily buy LoG2 the second it hits GOG. They are much more proficient this time too (according to them pumping out massive assets this time), so more monsters and longer play and better AI they say. I suspect Torchlight 3 will be great too (or whatever the next game is, they've openly ditched MMORPG based on it THANK GOD!). More singleplayer/coop please! I see a great future for NV, but not necessarily RT...LOL. Denver won't be exclusive to RT, but may help sales some.

    Microsoft should have used the 1.7ghz T3+ in Surface RT and sales would have been far better (oh and knocking off $100). That's not to say tegra 3 is bad, just that they should have used the t3+ (400mhz more is a LOT!) that was out at the same time. What was the price difference between them, like $2? They gave a FAR slower version out at an expensive price vs. competition. With another 400mhz there might have been an excuse to buy one and reviews wouldn't have said it was underpowered. Thankfully the coming T4 version will eliminate most of the complaints (great gpu and A15 cpu).
  30. I like Nvidia products, however in this case I think they need glasses.
  31. Anyone who thinks windows RT is a good thing, doesn't get my business, and hey, I hear games will be getting some great AMD optimization for the next few years anyway.
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