Can't Decide Between Keyboard/Mouse or Gamepad? Losing My Skill!

I became a PC gamer 7 months ago, at the start of the year. Since then I have been using keyboard and mouse, and while I haven't become an expert with it, I can at least get some half decent K:D's with it in FPS games. The problem is, I have also decided I will be getting a PS4 later this year, not because I dislike PC gaming, but because it's what my friends are getting. Anyhow, so recently I've been having a bit of practice with my old Xbox 360 controller again, linked up with my PC. I am finding the decision between using mouse/keyboard and gamepad very hard, and it's affecting my skills negatively.

The keyboard and mouse is agile and allows for quick movement, but I find it somewhat uncomfortable and 'too fast'. Even with low sensitivity options, I still find the keyboard and mouse almost impossible to use in close quarter FPS games, where I have to turn whilst firing for example. The controller however is very comfortable for me, but obviously has its downsides with being much more sluggish. I have no idea what to choose!? The more I keep switching between the two, the more I am losing my skill by not focusing on one form of controller. I am just finding PC gaming in general very uncomfortable when hunched over a keyboard and mouse at a desk, and am losing my joy for games because of this issue.

Any suggestions?
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  1. I have a gaming PC in my bedroom that I use a 360 controller with at night, and a better gaming PC in my office room that I use keyboard and mouse. You shouldn't lose your skills because you switch between the two. If you continue to use both for a long enough period of time your brain should adjust accordingly. I was told it would take me 6 weeks to get used to a keyboard and mouse in shooters, but it only took a week. If you do a warm up game in shooters first it will help a lot.
  2. You'll get used to switching. Lots of people play mainly PC games but switch to consoles for the exclusives.
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