Overclocking MSI 7950 Twin Frozr III with MSI Afterburner

So the first thing I did was I turned the core clock all the way to the limit which was 1100mhz, and memory clock to 1500mhz. So then I ran Crysis 3 for 15 minutes, ran fine, temperature was around 70-71c. Then I ran Heaven Benchmark for like 30 minutes, same temp and no crashing or anything. And here's the benchmark.
It looks like everything's stable and this computer is new, I heard that this card and especially this brand overclocks amazingly, and some can even overclock over 1100mhz but I'm fine with the limit that Afterburner gave, so is this fine?
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  1. Yup. Make sure you monitor your GPU's VRM temps as well. What voltage are you using?
  2. Default, lol.
  3. You're golden.
  4. 32C idle.
    Isn't my card like the BEST overclocker for MSI afterburner? lol.
    And are those temps ok?
    Played AC3 for 3 hours (2 1/2 hours but it was on for 3 hours), tabbed out a few times and in game I was never passing 67c.
    But while I was quitting, I got a loud noise and a red blank screen.
    But I think this is why.
    Mine was at 0 percent. Now it's at 20%

    Another question, I'm upping my memory clock from 1500mhz to 1575mhz, which is the max that Afterburner allows? Is this ok?


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