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Hi I have just purchased a (Asus X401U) Laptop and found that it was running really slow on Windows 7 x64 bit. I read a review to downgrade to Windows 7 x32 bit to make it faster so i did. My computer in the Bios says that it detects 4GB RAM and its set to 1400 mhz and my computer says the same. This is correct. Although, my computer is not running with those speeds. It says only 2.35 GB RAM Usable. I have tried to update my bios to the latest using winflash bios. My bios is now updated and i have also ran Memtest to check if there was a problem with the bios, which there isnt. I am so confused as to what to do or where to start. Can you please help me? I dont know if this helps but my computer takes forever to load any software as well as EXPLORER. It tends to crash a lot for a computer that has all the drivers perfectly up to date using DriverPack Solutions with a brand new windows installation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Daniel
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  1. Prob want to see what all loads at startup, prob a lot of junk, an easy way for this will be to download and run WinPatrol (free program) run it and look in the startup tab, there will prob be a lot that's not needed, you can use WinPatrol to disable all that's not needed, if not sure post a list of the programs that are in startup and we can help.....this can also be done through MSCONFIG which some may suggest, but if you REMOVE things from MSCONFIG and it turns out you NEED them, then may have to reload programs
  2. Also i noticed every time i right click computer and go to properties it opens up as it should then a second later says windows explorer is not responding and crashes. Any thoughts?
  3. Might check for Malware, MalwareBytes has a free version that works very well
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