SSD Worked Fine, suddenly stopped working, BIOS SLOW Windows 7 logo slow!


I have like 1 month old Z77 Extreme3 Motherboard.

Well, 1st of all, my all components worked AWESOME, no faults at all. One day i came from work and wanted to game little bit, i started my computer... it gets stuck at ASRock (Bios logo), was like wTF?.. then i restarted plenty times, still the same. i tought it was the ramm sticks, i took theam out placed theam nicely back inn. Then my bios detect only 8 gb ram when it should say 12. I have 3 sticks inn. but if i take 1 stick out, it says in bios 4gb not 8 gb WTF. And if i look at the bios theplaces of the ram sticks it changes from the place u putted 1st stick to anohter nr.

MY SSD dont get recongnized from bios or windows 7. and my rams. I reseted CMOS bios. plugged everyshit in and out... no luck.. what can i do?. i dont have another computer to check if that computer recognize my SSD. Before it worked like Brilliant... suddenly i came back home and it was shocking how bad things gotten.. BIOS was like drunk.. i did even updated the UEFI.
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  1. sounds like ram or mobo is faulty...
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