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Hello! I am brand new to this community as well as to overclocking and performance machines in general. I recently built a performance desktop, or what I hope is considered a performance desktop, and have started to play with overclocking settings. I want to get some feedback as to whether I have a stable set up before I run an extensive stability test. I ran Aida 64 for 30 minutes. I was going to post a picture of the results but cant seem to figure out how to do so. So the max temp was 80c, with an average of around 67c. I dont want to run it for hours yet until Im sure that I cant hurt any of the parts or components. Currently Im running the i7 4770k at a multiplier of 45 with a cpu core voltage of 1.2625. Pardon me if Im completely butchering the terminology here as this is my first attempt at doing anything along these lines. My build is as follows: i7 4770k, Maximus VI Extreme Mobo, Geforce GTX 780, 16 gb of 2400mhz corsair ram, Corsair 850W Power Supply, Corsair h100i water cooler, samsung 840 pro 256 gb ssd, and western digital 2tb sata drive. Once again any input on this overclocking matter, or the build in general would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much and I hope to hear from some of you with much more experience than I on this matter.
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  1. Looking good! I wouldn't have any complaints, just have some fun with it!
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